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I25 and US-36 Construction 

We've Moved!

CDOT has moved its central and Denver Metro area headquarters:
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver 80204

Please update this address change in all documents that still have the old CDOT address (4201 E. Arkansas Ave. Denver 80224) All documents with the old address are still official and good to use. Thank you.

CDOT's Printing Plant has closed. Learn more.

Use this page to find resources used in the design and construction of CDOT Highway projects:

  • Other Specifications: FIPIs, ITS specifications, Bridge project special provisions.

  • Miscellaneous Design Documents: Safety selection guide and other documents not included in any of the other specifications websites

  • CDOT's Office of CADD & ProjectWise programs, and Highway Engineering Design Processes: Find information on CDOT's CADD (MicroStation/InRoads) and ProjectWise (file sharing) softwares. It also contains consultant access information, software upgrades, CADD and ProjectWise training videos and materials, CADD and ProjectWise user manuals, how-to-workflows, tips and tricks, a library of detail drawings, software configurations, and other CDOT CADD-related resources.

  • Alternative Delivery Program (Design-Build and CM/GC): A process of systematic decision-making, risk identification and allocation, identification of goals and objectives, identification and development of strategies, and creation of a competitive procurement environment.

  • Dispute Review Board: The DRB assists in the final resolution of disputes and claims between CDOT and hired contractors.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Specifications: Part of the Division of Maintenance and Operations, ITS serves and supports the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the traveling public with technologies to better communicate, decrease travel times, and create a safer driving environment.

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