Registration & Training Access

Learning Management System Access for Training

To sign up for an account to access Transportation Engineering Training Program (TETP) courses in the CDOT Learning Management System (LMS), please fill out the highlighted orange columns on the downloadable registration template below. You can include anyone from your company who will be registering in an upcoming TETP course on the same template, and return to Allison Wilson at [email protected].

Please do not make any changes to the template.

After the template has been uploaded into our system, you will receive an email from Allison with the steps to register your participants.

Download the Registration Template

How to Register for Courses

To register for TETP training in the LMS, use the 'Find Learning' search tile to locate training you are interested in taking. To view upcoming offerings and enroll in instructor-led training, select 'See Classes'. For any TETP e-learning, use the 'Find Learning' search tile and select the 'Start Course' button to launch the e-learning.  

How to Access Training

TETP courses are available to all our partners in the transportation community. TETP offers a number of courses using a variety of delivery modes, including classroom instruction, online e-learning, virtual instructor-led and instructional training videos.

Please Note: You must have an existing LMS account to be able to access this training.

New Users

  • If you do not have an LMS account and would like access to TETP training, download the registration template above and follow the instructions to complete the template and submit your request.

Users with LMS Accounts

  • If you are an LMS user with an existing account, log in to the LMS here. Note: Please bookmark this page for quick reference.
  • When logging in, remember:
    • Your User ID follows the following format:
      • Ext_lastnamefirstinitial (e.g. ext_smithj)
  • If you are a first time user, please log in using the temporary password instructions that were provided to set your password.
  • If you are a returning user and you do not remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" hyperlink on the LMS login page to reset your password. You will be prompted to answer a security question that you selected while setting up your account.