Vasquez Blvd Improvements: I-270 to 64th Avenue (Design Phase)

About the Project

CDOT, in close coordination with Commerce City and Adams County, is now conducting the Vasquez Boulevard I-270 to 64th Avenue project. This project aims to improve traffic operations and safety at and between the 60th Avenue and 62nd Avenue intersections with Vasquez Boulevard.

CDOT conducted an alternatives development and evaluation process in 2020, considering alternatives carried forward from earlier study and newly developed alternatives. This process included extensive coordination with Commerce City and Adams County staff and elected officials. 

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: Approximately $24M
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Timeline: August 2019 to 2024 (planning and design)
  • Location: Highway(s):  Vazquez Blvd. from I-270 to 64th Ave. 
    • Nearest Town/City: Commerce City
    • Mile Point(s): Vasquez has no mile points as it is secondary roadway
    • County: Approximately $24M

Recommended Project Improvements:

A set of proposed project improvements have been recommended. The preliminary design includes the following main elements: 

  • At 62nd Ave/Vasquez Blvd Intersection: Intersection improvements with new traffic signal providing full access between Vasquez Blvd/Hwy 2 and 62nd Ave. Continuous-T intersection allows southbound Vasquez Blvd through traffic to travel through intersection without stopping.
  • 62nd Avenue between Vasquez Blvd and Parkway Dr: Widening and addition of turn lanes. 
  • At Parkway Dr./Forest Dr. Intersection: Add curb bulb-outs on the corners.
  • At 60th Ave/Vasquez Blvd/Parkway Dr. Intersection: Prohibit left turn from Parkway Dr. (all inbound movements to Parkway Dr. remain. Improve traffic signal phasing and timing. Add a new northbound right turn lane from Vasquez Blvd to Parkway Dr. and 60th Ave. 
  • Vasquez Blvd between 60th Ave and 64th Ave: Reconfigure lanes and striping. 
  • Northwest quadrant of the 60th Ave/Vasquez Blvd Intersection Area: Add a new local roadway connection running east – west between Dexter St and Clermont St on the 61st Ave alignment. Add a left turn from Clermont St onto 60th Ave. The local road and sidewalk alignment and location of drainage ditches will be determined during final design. 
  • Southwest quadrant of the 60th Ave/Vasquez Blvd Intersection Area: Add a new local roadway connection on the Clermont St alignment running south-north from 60th Ave to the 59th Ave alignment, then turning to run east – west between Clermont St and Dexter St. Extend the eastbound through/right turn lane for Vasquez Blvd further west on 60th Ave. 
  • Dexter St/60th Ave Intersection: Prohibit the northbound connection from Dexter St to 60th Ave (inbound movements from Vasquez Blvd/60th Ave to Dexter St remain). Southbound Dexter St traffic would have a right turn only at 60th Ave. 
  • Driveways on 60th Ave, 62nd Ave, Parkway Dr., Clermont St, and frontage roads remain as they exist or have minor changes. 

Proposed Action

Planned improvements described in the text above are illustrated on the map below.  Coordination has been occurring with potentially impacted property owners to gather feedback related to refinements to minimize impacts as design progresses. An Environmental Assessment study is being conducted to identify potential impacts and mitigation strategies, per National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidance. The project is being designed and constructed in phases, with construction occurring from mid-2024 through 2026. Public and stakeholder coordination will continue to occur throughout the process. Additional information can be found below and through the Resources links on the left side of this page.

Click here to access the project map.

Vasquez Boulevard I-270 to 64th Avenue NEPA and Design project is located within the city limits of Commerce City in Adams County.
The study limits include Vasquez Boulevard from 58th Avenue (just north of the I-270 interchange) to 69th Avenue, and is generally bounded between Clermont Street on the west and Glencoe Street on the east.

The Vasquez Boulevard I-270 to 64th Avenue project began in August 2019.  Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2024.

  • Preliminary Design Complete: Mid-2023 (complete)
  • NEPA Complete: Early 2024
  • Final Design Complete: Mid-2024
  • Right-of-way Acquisition: Late 2023 to Early 2025
  • Construction Begins: Mid-2024
  • Construction Complete: 2026