US 6 Palisade Intersection Improvements

About the Study

The US 6 Palisade Intersections Study is complete. Based on feedback from the community and the Town of Palisade, funding considerations and additional data points conducted by the project team, CDOT is moving towards a preliminary design of one roundabout at the US Highway 6 and Elberta Avenue Intersection to improve operations, safety and pedestrian/bicycle mobility in the Town of Palisade. 

Several challenges along the corridor were identified and taken into consideration as part of the recommended options that were introduced, they are:

  • Continuity with the Town of Palisade’s sidewalk improvement project
  • Drivers going the wrong way on 37 1/10 Road in order to access the south frontage road
  • The offset intersection configuration at Elberta Avenue and Iowa Avenue
  • Safety and operational concerns with the existing configuration of US 6 and the frontage road intersections at 37 1/10 Road, Elberta Avenue, and Iowa Avenue due to their close proximity to each other
  • Lack of multimodal connections

CDOT is also working with the town on an access control plan for this stretch of highway. Access control plans are developed in order to consolidate the number of direct access points to major roadways. The idea behind them is to improve both pedestrian and motorist safety. An open house is tentatively scheduled for mid-June and more information will be shared with those of you on our stakeholder list as well as posted to our website. 

Future community outreach events will be planned for winter 2023-24 and fall 2024 to present the preliminary design. If you have questions or would like additional information about the study that you don’t see here on the website, please feel free to connect to the team.

Study Schedule

  • MAY
    US Highway 6 Intersection study kickoff.
    Data collection, analysis, options development.
  • AUGUST 25
    Listening Session
    Palisade Community Center
    Options evaluation and comment period.
  • NOVEMBER 2022
    Recommend option and final public meeting.

Thank you for attending the in person listening session. If you were unable to attend we’d still like to hear from you. Please click on this link to a questionnaire after you’ve reviewed the listening session slides.

View the Presentation Boards by clicking the image below.

Presentation board presentation cover