The Corridor vision, as defined by the previous planning studies, includes an integrated plan of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements, extending from Brighton to Boulder, supported by multimodal infrastructure and transit supportive land development at planned station areas (to be administered by the local jurisdictions in coordination with the CO 7 Coalition). BRT is a high-quality bus-based transit system that delivers fast, comfortable, and cost-effective services at metro-level capacities.

Robust BRT service with supporting infrastructure is envisioned for a well-connected regional Corridor serving all modes of travel, providing safe and reliable travel, and linking existing and emerging urban centers. Completed station area plans provide guidance and conceptual schematics for planned BRT stations, surrounding transit supportive land use, and complementary First and Final Mile (FFM) bike, pedestrian, and micro-transit infrastructure improvements.

Recommended improvements along the Corridor include bus transit lanes (exclusive or shoulder running, depending on location); bus transit queue jump lanes at major intersections; bus transit stations (in-line, within intersections, or off alignment); roadway general purpose lane additions (depending on location); shared and continuous bike lanes; and continuous shared-use paths. Combined, they provide an integrated multimodal regional corridor-based transportation system.