Southeastern Colorado Pavement Marking

Construction Update

Crews have completed the fall phase of pavement marking work on this project and will not have any impacts to traffic until the spring of 2023. Operations are expected to pick back up again in March and continue into the summer of 2023. Please continue to check back in for schedule updates as we get closer to the next phase of the project. We encourage travelers to stay up to date on other projects in the area by subscribing to construction updates at or follow along with real-time lane closures on

About the Project:

The Colorado Department of Transportation and prime contractor, RoadSafe Traffic Systems will begin a pavement-marking work across nine highways in southeastern Colorado on August 21. This project will focus on the removal and replacement of median and shoulder striping. The project will be broken in to two phases, one occurring in the fall from August until late October and one in the spring of 2023 from March until June. During the winter, work will cease and there will be no impacts to traffic. During the fall phase of the project, crews will start operations on CO 67, and move to US 50, CO 96, CO 165, CO 160, and end with US 50. The spring phase will focus on striping the remaining highways.

The project work zones are spread across several counties in Southeastern Colorado. These zones include:

  • Park County: CO 9 from Mile Point 70.36 to 80.24, MP 64.67 to 65.40, MP 47.58 to 63.73 and MP 18.0 to 46.97
  • US 285 will also be impacted from MP 201.11 to 207.62 and MP 185.30 to 188.0
  • Fremont County: CO 9 from MP 0.0 to 18.0
  • Teller County: CO 67 from MP 76.92 to 77.50
  • El Paso County: CO 83 from MP 20.36 to 30.24
  • Pueblo County: CO 165 from MP 0.0 to 36.89
  • Custer County: CO 96 from MP 16.57 to 20.20
  • Huerfano County: US 160 from MP 294.15 to 305.38 and CO 12 from MP 0.0 to 22.10
  • Las Animas County: CO 12 from MP 22.20 to 70.83
  • Prowers County: US 50 from 433.35 to 467.58

Work Schedule:

  • Crews will primarily be working nighttime hours throughout the duration of the project
  • Work will occur from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday night through Friday morning

Traffic Impacts:

  • Single lane closures are expected intermittently in each project location with at least one through lane of traffic open at all times
  • These lane reductions may slow traffic, but are not anticipated to cause delays
  • Visit for real-time lane closure information, or signup for email notifications for project updates

Project Facts

  • Cost: $2.9 Million
  • Contractor: RoadSafe
  • Timeline: August 2022 - June 2023
  • Location: Various highways in Southeastern Colorado - Park, Fremont, Teller, El Paso, Pueblo, Custer, Huerfano, Las Animas, Prowers Counties