Bridges are an essential part of the Central 70 Project. There are a total of 20 bridges that will be constructed on the Central 70 Project. Check out the first graphic below for all the details. In addition, there are four bridges along the corridor that were recently built as part of other projects - Central Park, I-70 over Sand Creek; I-70 over Havana and I-70 over the Union Pacific Railroad just east of Havana.

Fun Facts on Bridges: The straight scoop on the Central 70 Project

Types of Bridges

Check out the locations and types of all the bridges being built on the Project. Hover over the pins to see the locations and whether the bridge is a replacement bridge or a brand new one.

Elements of a Bridge

Are you wondering what we are talking about when you hear the words girder or abutment? Click the dots shown on the graphic below explaining the different elements of a bridge! Users can also hover over the "construct it" button on the graphic to build it. 
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