Community Commitments

As part of the federally-approved Record of Decision, CDOT made a series of community commitments that must be delivered as part of the project. Many of these nearly 150 community commitments are without precedent in Colorado; never having been provided as part of a major infrastructure project. Some of these commitments must be in place before construction starts while others include measures that are part of the construction process (controlling dust and placing construction staging areas away from residential areas). Community Commitments Fact Sheet

Community Commitments and Status

Completed Fall 2017: Building Improvements to Swansea Elementary

Colorado Department of Transportation and Denver Public Schools dedicated the new east wing of the school to community leader, Lorraine Granado.

Completed Fall 2017: Building Improvements to Swansea Elementary

Completed Summer 2017: Provide Swansea Elementary School with new windows, doors, HVAC and two new classrooms

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Scheduled for Summer 2018: Building Improvements to Swansea Elementary

Reconstruct the Swansea Elementary playground to temporarily relocate the play area to the NE corner of the campus with air conditioning units, attic insulation, interior storm windows and weatherization.

In Progress November-June 2018:

Provide homes between Colorado & Brighton Boulevards / 45th-47th with free home improvements to assist with noise and dust during construction

In Progress, Training Center opened June 2017:

Provide training and support programs for the local workforce, classes underway. Neighborhood to help achieve 20% local hiring goal.

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Additional Commitments and Status

In Progress: Provide $2M for affordable housing in Elyria/Swansea

In Progress: Provide $100,000 for fresh food access via partnership with the City of Denv

Construction Commitment: Continuous monitoring for PM10 (dust)

Construction Commitment: Ensure that construction equipment meets latest EPA standards or is retrofitted with control currently working to retrofit equipment used on site


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