I-70 Noise Wall Replacement in Denver

About the Project:

In early December, CDOT and Kraemer North America, LLC will begin work on the Interstate 70 Noise Wall Replacement Project between Tennyson Street and Lowell Boulevard. The project will remove the existing timber noise wall, which is significantly degraded, and replace it with a series of new precast concrete wall panels. The project will significantly improve the overall look of the highway, as well as continue noise reduction by blocking the direct travel of sound waves from the highway to the adjacent homes. Work on this phase is expected to be completed by July of 2022.


Estimated project schedule, dependent on weather and material availability:

  • Late October-November 2021:
    • Preliminary work prior to construction, such as utility location and offsite fabrication of the new wall panels. This planning and preliminary work will greatly minimize the duration in which the neighborhood is without a noise barrier.
  • December 2021:
    • Significant onsite work will begin with demolition of existing timber walls on the north side of I-70 starting at Tennyson Street moving east to Lowell Boulevard.
  • January-February 2022:
    • Installation of wall foundation and posts, followed by placing new concrete wall panels on the north side of I-70 moving west to east.
  • February-April 2022:
    • Demolition of the south side I-70 timber walls starting at Lowell Boulevard moving west to Tennyson Street. Installation of wall foundation and posts, followed by placing new concrete wall panels on the south side of I-70 moving east to west.
  • May-July 2022:
    • Landscaping restoration to reseed and plant trees in the area.

Work Schedule

  • Crews will begin performing preliminary work the week of Oct. 24.
  • This work will consist of potholing, mowing, and other preliminary work prior to larger demolition and earth-disturbing activities.  
  • Significant on site work is planned to begin in December when materials are assembled and offsite concrete wall panel fabrication is well under way. This planning will also minimize the duration in which the neighborhood is without a noise barrier.

Traffic Impacts

Starting in early December, motorists and nearby residents should expect:

  • Right shoulder closures on east and westbound I-70 between Lowell Boulevard and Tennyson Street.
  • Single lane closures on West 48th Avenue North and West 48th Avenue South.
  • Periodic daytime full closures of West 48th Avenue North and West 48th Avenue South will occur during installation of the new concrete wall panels. Motorists are encouraged to use an alternate route during these closures.
  • Variable message sign boards will be placed in the neighborhoods in advance of lane closures.
  • Residents near I-70 should expect typical construction noise during working hours.

Daytime work hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Potential nighttime work could take place.

Phase 2 Updates:

This project is the first of two phases to replace the existing timber walls within the area. The second phase of the noise wall replacement, which will include all other existing noise walls between I-76 and Pecos St, has received design and construction funds and the design process is in the preliminary stages as of late 2021. A schedule for Phase 2 is currently under development. This webpage will be updated as new information is available regarding Phase 2.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $3.9 Million
  • Contractor: Kraemer North America, LLC.
  • Timeline: December 2021 - July 2022
  • Location: I-70 Noise Wall between Tennyson Street and Lowell Boulevard in Denver

Project Map - I-70 Noise Wall

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