I-25 at Saint Vrain Creek

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Damage Overview

Just north of the intersection with State Highway 119, Interstate 25 passes over Saint Vrain Creek.  The surrounding area and the bridge structures suffered extensive damage during the September flood event.  The floodwaters of Saint Vrain Creek joined Idaho Creek floodwaters and collectively flowed into the west side ditch along I-25.  This caused damage to the highway embankment, the existing water quality facility, and the banks that guide the water under the bridge.

Floodwaters washed out material on both sides of the creek underneath I-25.  The flows also washed out a concrete path on the south side of the creek and embankment material on both sides.  Floodwaters further caused a complete washout of the water quality pond and the pond outlet structure.

I25StVrain2Emergency (Temporary) Repairs

There were no emergency repairs done at this site.

Permanent (Long-Term) Repairs

As part of a larger project to repair multiple bridge structures that suffered flood damage, the damaged embankment near the Northbound bridge was repaired.  Additional permanent repairs will include rebuilding the guide bank.

Estimated Timeline

  • Permanent Embankment Repair Project Completed June 2014
  • Est. Design Start: Fall 2014
  • Est. Construction Start:  Winter 2015-2016

Estimated Budget

  • $4 - $10 million (shared with other bridge structures)


The permanent repair phase will allow for the betterment of drainage facilities and erosion protection areas throughout the corridor that can handle the high flows from large storm events and protect facilities from potential damage in the future.

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