US 6 in Clifton Transportation Improvements

US 6 Clifton roadway

About the Project

The US 6 Clifton Improvements Project has begun in Clifton on US Highway 6 (F Road). The project is located from just west of the I-70B intersection to just east of Clifton Elementary School. The project will improve safety by realigning and updating traffic patterns on US 6, adding roundabouts and medians and an additional eastbound travel lane. The project includes improving pedestrian and bicycle connections through the corridor.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $16.5 Million
  • Contractor: United Companies
  • Timeline: November 2022-Fall 2024
  • Location: US Highway 6 from the I-70 Business Loop (I-70B) to just east of Clifton Elementary School

Mesa County: Clifton 1st Street and Grand Avenue Road Improvement Project

Mesa County has an adjacent project starting on 1st St. and Grand Ave. For more information about this project and traffic impacts associated with it please call or email them at:


Public Information Session - Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Findings of 2015 Pre-Project Study

In 2015, CDOT completed a planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study that examined the need for transportation improvements along the US 6 corridor through Clifton to improve:

  • mobility and reduce congestion
  • traffic operations on the corridor and at intersections
  • multimodal facilities
  • safety for all users

The PEL study developed and screened a reasonable range of potential improvements to enhance corridor operations and safety for all modes of transportation —including non-motorized travel.

Following the study, CDOT further refined potential corridor improvements to reduce right-of-way impacts while also improving congestion, safety and multimodal facilities.