10-Year Vision Plan & Story Map

10-Year Vision

In 2019, CDOT began the process to build a 10-year vision plan for our state’s transportation system, meeting with Coloradans in every county and connecting with residents in their communities. Thousands of comments and ideas became the basis for a prioritized list of transportation projects. The resulting 10-Year Vision document identifies transportation improvements across the state, ranging from long-deferred resurfacing projects to large and complex projects.

The 10-Year Vision includes the following sections:

  • Building a 10-Year Vision
  • We Heard You
  • Improving Our Interstates
  • Relieving Traffic
  • Improving Rural Access Statewide
  • Fixing Rural Roads
  • Improving the Condition of Our Roadway System
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • List of Projects in Years 1-4
  • List of Projects in Years 5-10

Your Transportation Priorities 10-Year Vision cover

10-Year Vision Story Map

Explore the 10-Year Vision story map to learn more about each proposed project. The story map shows proposed projects across Colorado’s five regions — central, southeast, northwest, northeast, and southwest. Each project includes a brief description and cost/funding information, as well as a link to the full project fact sheet for more information. For best performance, view the story map on a computer and not a phone or tablet.

Click here to explore the 10-Year Vision Story Map.

Your Transportation Priorities Story Map

Your Transportation Priorities Story Map