SEA and Local Agencies


The Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) is also applicable to local agency projects per 23 CFR 940. A Local Agency SEA Form has been created to ensure the local agencies are completing a form that is more targeted towards their needs. For a better understanding of the SEA, please reference the "SEA Overview" page. 


The SEA-Local Agency Template can be opened using Microsoft Word. 

Details on the Local Agency Form 

Do all Local Agency projects use the Local Agency SEA form? 

All local agency projects will start off using the Local Agency SEA form. The Local Agency SEA form will walk a project team through determining if the Local Agency SEA form will be adequate or if the robust CDOT SEA process needs to be used.  The Local Agency SEA form is intended to be used on projects that are off system. If a project meets at least one of the following then the project must go through the robust CDOT SEA process: 

  •  On CDOT's right of way
  • Will be owned, operated, or maintained by CDOT
  • Impact CDOT devices
  • Uses CDOT's network
  • Involves multiple local agencies 

Is this only for highway trust fund (includes National Highway System) funded projects? 

CDOT Executive Management requires the SEA for all CDOT projects, no matter the funding source because it brings an immense value to CDOT. This requirement is located in the Chapter 4 of the CDOT Project Development Manual. It is highly encouraged all local agency projects no matter the funding source complete the SEA. 23 CFR 940 only requires a local agency do an SEA if the project is "funded in whole or in part with the highway trust fund, including those on the National Highway System (NHS) and on non-NHS facilities."

Who can use the Local Agency SEA form? 

Only the Local Agencies can use this form. It is not allowed to used by CDOT projects. 

What date will the new form be required? 

The new form will be required starting March 1, 2022 for new projects. Projects in design prior to March 1, 2022 will use the previous SEA process but has the option to use the revamped SEA process. 

When should the Local Agency submit the Local Agency SEA Form? 

This form shall be submitted to CDOT a minimum of two weeks prior to the FOR meeting. It must be reviewed and approved prior to receiving CDOT Concurrence to Advertise for construction. 

How is the Local Agency SEA Form submitted? 

Unless directed by your CDOT Local Agency Project Manager, Local Agency SEA forms can be emailed to [email protected] 

Who is responsible for completing the Local Agency SEA form?

The local agency implementing the project is responsible for filling out the form and submitting it. The ITS & Network Services Branch is always here to help with any questions though!  

What is the review process of a submitted Local Agency SEA form? 

The ITS & Network Services Branch will lead the review and pull in subject matter experts as needed for the review. Review takes approximately two weeks. This time can be longer if there is an increase rate of SEA submittals. Project teams will be notified if the review will exceed two weeks. 

Who is available to help if there are questions? 

The ITS & Network Services Branch is always available to answer questions! Please email questions to [email protected] 

How do Local Agencies use the robust CDOT SEA process? 

The local agency projects that fall within the robust CDOT SEA process will follow the same procedures as CDOT. Documents are submitted sequentially and build off of each other. It is critical to start the CDOT SEA process as early as possible in design.