Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) & Network Services

About ITS & Network Services 

We are a part of the Division of Maintenance and Operations and are here to serve and support Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) teams and regions with their ITS and network needs. Our primary customer is the traveling public, and we are here to implement technologies to better communicate, decrease travel times, and create a safer driving environment. 


CDOT Employee with VMS

Switch with cabling

ITS & Network Teams

Highway Overpass

CCTV with mountains in the background

Field Operations 

This team is led by the CJ Donovan and is responsible for maintaining the thousands of of ITS devices across the State. This group is made up of the Roadway Technical Services (RTS), Tunnel Technical Services (TTS), Fiber Technical Services (FTS), and the ITS Warehouse and Central Storeroom. 


This team is led by the Resident Engineer Jill Scott. They design and implement projects that are mainly fiber install or ITS devices. They maintain the ITS Standards for the State. They also manage the ITS portion of the Operations Evaluation Requests. 

Setting a culvert

High Winds Possible sign with windsock.

Network Services 

This team is lead by John Williams. They maintain the ITS Network and System. Additionally, they lead the Network Operation Center (NOC).

Program Support

This team is led by Allie Axley. They manage the GIS files and assets, Utility Office, ITS processes, the ITS Architecture Plans, and revamping the ITS System Engineering Analysis (SEA). 

CDOT ITS Future Projects

ITS Project Team: Jill Scott and Sanjiv Gupta

construction under the eisenhower tunnel

Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel Technology Upgrade; 23838

Planned Ad Date: July 2021

Approximate Budget*: $5 Million

Work Scope: This project will be upgrading the ITS technology in Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel. This work may include ITS equipment such as cameras, lane use signs, variable message signs and operation center video displays.

A camera on a pole with a cabinet installed on the base of the pole.

ITS Camera Installations Statewide; 24141

Planned Ad Date: August 2021

Approximate Budget*: $3 Million

Work Scope: This project will be installing cameras on I-25 South, I-76 in Region 4, and US-85 north of Denver

VMS installed in forest service brown. Photo taken from the shoulder. There is a guard rail along the road.

ITS VMS Installations; 24152

Planned Ad Date: August 2021

Approximate Budget*: $1 Million

Work Scope: This project will be installing variable message signs on SH-74 in Evergreen and EB US-285 near Conifer.

*The budget amount provided does not only reflect the construction costs for projects. The amounts may include ROW, engineering, design, and utility costs. The projects listed above are not guaranteed to go to advertisement. Any information given is subject to change.