Office of Innovative Mobility (OIM) Grants

About the Program 

Building upon the success of the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Grants, the Office of Innovative Mobility (OIM) at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is launching the CDOT OIM Grants Platform to provide grants to private, public, non-profit, and local agencies to fund innovative mobility and electrification solutions in the state of Colorado. 

The purpose of the expanded OIM grant is to help stakeholders with financial assistance to implement programs and projects to support the goals and objectives of the Office of Innovative Mobility’s core mission. This grant encompasses funding and material opportunities from OIM’s Mobility Services, Electrification & Energy, and Mobility Technology Programs.  

Please email [email protected] to submit completed applications. 

OIM Grant Opportunities

Mobility Services

Mobility Services’ TDM Grant contains two funding opportunities:

  • TDM Seed Funding Grants - Providing resources for new TMOs and TDM programs to form in currently underrepresented areas of the state.

TDM Seed Funding Grant Application Form TDM Seed Funding Grant Rules & Criteria

  • TDM Innovation Grants - Incentivizing Innovation grant ideas that reach new audiences or address gaps in current practice or scale up existing best practices to expand their impact.

TDM Innovation Grant Application Form TDM Innovation Grant Rules & Criteria

Link to Past Awards

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Electrification and Energy

The Electrification and Energy Grant contain two funding opportunities:
  • ZEV Workforce Development - To develop and attract the skills and talent necessary to meet the changing demands of the transportation electrification sector. This grant addresses multiple challenges that Colorado and the wider mobility and electrification industry are facing: talent shortages, gaps in new skillsets, and the growing need for training due to technological advances. 

ZEV Workforce Development Grant Application Form ZEV Workforce Development Grant Rules & Selection Criteria

  • E-Mobility Education and Awareness -  To expand public awareness and education around EVs and increase public understanding of their benefits, capabilities, and availability.

E-Mobility Education and Awareness Grant Application Form E-Mobility Education and Awareness Grant Rules & Selection Criteria

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Mobility Technology

  • Roadside Units (RSU) and On Board Units (OBU) Deployment and Project Management - To provide RSUs and OBUs and project support to local jurisdictions with a one-time gift of 10 RSUs or OBUs in order to accelerate the deployment of connected vehicles and increase safety.

RSU and OBU Grant Application Form RSU and OBU Grant Rules & Selection Criteria

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Grant Category Minimum and Maximum Awards Match
Strategic TDM Grants $20,000 to $50,000 for Innovation Project Grants
$20,000 to $100,000 for Seed Funding Grants
20% match encouraged, but not required
Electrification and Energy Grants $20,000 to $100,000 for both ZEV Workforce Development and E-Mobility Education and Awareness Grants 20% match encouraged, but not required
Mobility Technology Grants

CDOT will provide a one time-gift of up to 10 Roadside Units (RSUs) and 10 onboard units (OBUs) to each awarded local jurisdiction. 

CDOT will also provide project support

No match

Applications are now open! 

For information on all CDOT grant opportunities please visit the CDOT Grants page.

Please email [email protected] to submit completed applications.