Innovative Mobility

Who We Are

The Office of Innovative Mobility includes the Division of Transit and Rail and other functions that work to expand mobility options through ridesharing, electrification and other emerging technologies. The office supports all types of transportation options, especially those that help reduce congestion by avoiding single occupancy vehicle use. Through these initiatives, the department hopes to reduce total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita in the state and looks to curb the growth of greenhouse gas and ozone causing emissions from transportation-related activities.

Our Mission

To reduce pollution in our air and congestion on our roads by expanding multimodal transportation options and using traditional and emerging mobility technologies.

Mobility Technology

The Mobility Technology program develops strategy, creates pilot programs for connected and autonomous technologies in Colorado, and develops policy recommendations for emerging transportation technology that can improve safety and expand mobility options. 

Connected cars

 About Mobility Technology

Mobility Services

Mobility Services explores ways to make transportation efficient and more accessible to underserved populations by conducting research, deploying new technologies, analyzing data and piloting new programs. 

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Electrification & Energy

Improving the efficiency of vehicles is critical to enhancing air quality in Colorado. The Office of Innovative Mobility is working to support zero emission vehicle (ZEV) adoption across all sectors.                                                          

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Transit & Rail

The Division of Transit & Rail is responsible for the planning, developing, operating and integrating transit and rail into the statewide transportation system.                             


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