Public-Private Partnership Background Info

After considerable analysis and discussion, the HPTE Board and Transportation Commission decided in February of 2015 to pursue a Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain delivery model for the I-70 East (Central 70) Project. More information on the decision and process is available through the following links:

HPTE and Transportation Commission Resolutions and Presentations:

I-70 East PE Benefits Summary

Value for Money Analyses

Key Procurement Issues

I-70 East P3 Video

I-70 East P3 Overview

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  • David Spector
  • Kathy Gilliland
    Transportation Commissioner
  • Don Marostica
    Vice Chair
    Governor Appointee
    North Front Range
  • Gary Reiff
    Transportation Commissioner
  • Trey Rogers
    Governor Appointee
    Denver Metro Area
  • Shannon Gifford
    Transportation Commissioner 
  • Thad Noll
    Governor Appointee
    I-70 Mountain Corridor
  • Jan Martin
    Governor Appointee
    Pikes Peak Area
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