Freight Program

CDOT conducts several freight-related planning efforts that lead to funding of freight projects. Planning efforts for freight focus on data-driven analysis and freight stakeholder input that allow for a well-informed decision making process that supports the selection of the right freight projects and the right time, observing the best expenditure of limited taxpayer dollars.

About the CDOT Freight Office

The CDOT Freight office was established in January 2020 and pulled from existing CDOT staff to come together to work on freight.

  • One of the key things about the new Freight Office is that it melds both worlds of Freight Planning and Freight Maintenance and Operations. Breaking down silos and holistically thinking about project development to project construction and maintenance. 
  • CDOT is at the forefront in developing a Freight Office and leveraging internal staff to accomplish this.
  • A lot has happened at the Freight Office since it was established, without hiring new staff but empowering existing staff both from the Division of Transportation Development (DTD) and Freight Permitting and Operations to move the needle in the arena of freight at the Department.

CDOT's Executive Director noted the following:

“This is a really good example of something very specific that came out of collaboration with the Colorado Motor Carriers Association. One of the first things CMCA brought to our attention was that a freight office was a deficiency in the organizational structure that CMCA was dealing with.  The Freight Office was established in record speed prior to the pandemic, and offered a seamless process for Craig Hurst, the CDOT Freight Office Manager, working with the Colorado State Patrol regarding key supply-chain conversations.”  CDOT Executive Director, Shoshana Lew  

Work of CDOT's Freight Office

  • Elevates importance of Freight considerations at CDOT in:
    • Policy, Planning, Design & Construction
    • Guides Investment Decisions
  • Raises awareness of the importance of freight movement in CO 
  • Expands national presence
  • Acknowledges key industry stakeholder urging of Freight Office.
  • Fosters relationships & potential partnering of private industry and planning partners
  • Leverages freight investments

Mission: To create an environment that proactively fosters Department-wide freight coordination and collaboration in order to promote the safe and efficient movement of goods and services.

Our Goals

  • Establish framework for freight policy
  • Provide strategic direction on freight planning activities & operations
  • Enhance safety in alignment with CDOT's Whole System Whole Safety initiative
  • Enhance environmental stewardship and sustainability for the movement of goods
  • Position CDOT for future funding by adhering to state and federal regulations
  • Avoid duplication or conflicting freight efforts
  • Integrate freight across CDOT
  • Support the execution of Freight Advisory Council (FAC’s) Work Plan and other initiatives