Public Education & Outreach

Program Update

Two concrete culverts conveying a stream under a highway.

CDOT must implement a public education program to promote behavior change by the public to reduce pollutant discharges from their Municipal Separate Storm and Sewer System (MS4). Every year, CDOT conducts a variety of outreach activities for employees and the public. Outreach activities include brochures, fact sheets, posters, newsletters, workshops, conferences, and this website. The goal of the public education and outreach program is to educate the public and CDOT employees how they can help keep Colorado’s water pristine. Stormwater runoff carries pollutants, trash, and debris from our roadways and into the stormwater system. As part of the driving public, there are several things that you can do to help. 

  • Securing your load – unsecured loads are a major safety risk as well as a major contributor to pollutants entering our waterways. This can come with a hefty fine as well as a big cost to the environment. Double check your load before hitting the road.
  • Avoid littering - all the trash and litter thrown on the sides of roads is not only unsightly, it also worsens water quality. Do your part to help keep our roads and waterways clean by properly disposing of trash and recycling. Save the toads, don’t pollute the roads. 
  • Fix leaks - checking your vehicle for fluid leaks will help keep it running smooth and protect the health of waterways. Fix any leaks and dispose of fluids properly. Never wash fluids into the stormwater system. Apply kitty litter to absorb leaks, sweep it up, and dispose of it in the trash. Vehicle fluids are toxic to you, pets, and the environment. Fix a leak, save a creek.
  • Washing your car - keeps your vehicle and the waterways looking fresh. Washing your car can remove heavy metals, oils, and sediments from your car before it enters waterways. Wash your car at a commercial carwash where the water will be treated by the sanitary sewer system. Keep your car, and the environment, clean and pristine.

CDOT's water quality control measures training facility building