Transportation Environmental Resource Council (TERC)

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When:   June 21, 2023 @ 9:00-11:00
Where:  Federal Highway Department / to join virtually, email Brian Fauver
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CDOT and FHWA recognized that local, state, and federal agencies should have a forum in which to discuss state transportation decisions and plan for environmental stewardship. The TERC was formed in 2002 to provide such a forum.

Since its inception, a strong working relationship has blossomed and continues to grow among federal, state, tribal, and local agencies in Colorado.

TERC meetings allow members to get ahead of interagency challenges. The complexities and hurdles that we face in light of environmental stewardship needs as well as our transportation needs highlight the need for collaboration at the earliest planning stages. TERC members routinely look ahead and imagine what might be coming down the road, helping everyone move forward in a coordinated fashion.

We hope that you will use these web pages as a springboard to generate ideas and solutions to Colorado's transportation and environmental issues.

Shoshana Lew
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Transportation

John M. Cater
Division Administrator
Federal Highway Administration
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