Updated 2022 SB40 guidelines are now available

Program Update

On January 8, 2022, updated SB40 guidelines were announced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The 2022 guidelines replaced the older version that had been in effect since 2013. In addition to updated links and added definitions, a few of the more impactful changes include:

  • Irrigation ditches have been excluded unless mapped as a fishery by CPW
  • Local Agency project have been excluded unless they are on a state or federal highway
  • Now addresses 4 fish species that are not state or federally listed
    • Bluehead sucker – CO River basin
    • Flannelmouth sucker – CO River basin
    • Orangespotted sunfish – CO, Ark and Republican River basins
    • Plains topminnow – Platte River basin
  • Changed the recipe for the ANS disinfectant
  • Changed the procedure for programmatic certification for construction projects

The new guidelines can be found at : Guidelines & Permit Applications — Colorado Department of Transportation (codot.gov)