CDOT Revegetation Training Videos

The videos below are a great overview of revegetation specification and permitting. However, the information contained may no longer meet the current specifications or Construction Stormwater Permit. It is your responsibility to ensure contract documents follow the most recent version.

Module 1 - An introduction into revegetation, the regulatory permitting process, CDOT specification requirements, and instruction to perform a Pre-Construction Percent Vegetative Cover Analysis.

Module 2a - Provides an overview of the revegetation planning for seed mix selection, top soil management and soil amendment requirements, and importance of seeding seasons.

Module 2b - Field revegetation videos and interviews that address soil preparation, compost and fertilizer applications, drill seeding calibration, mulching, crimping and tacking.

Module 3 - Revegetation establishment and monitoring. overview of CDOT revegetation acceptance, revegetation monitoring, Post-Construction Percent Vegetative Cover Analysis and termination of the Construction Stormwater Permit.

The following short training videos demonstrate best field revegetation practices to ensure compliance with CDOT specifications and permits.

Revegetation Training Trailer
Percent Vegetation Cover
Soil Preparation Ripping and Tilling
Drill Seeding Application Rate
Straw Mulching
Crimping and Tackifier

Willow plantings Drainage Feature