Grant Application

It's never too early to start planning your next Colorado Safe Routes to School Project Application! We anticipate making our next application available in early August 2022. In the meantime, see below for ideas on how you can get a jump start on preparing for your application. Stay tuned for more details! Further, for a glimpse of our funded projects throughout the state, visit our Colorado Safe Routes to Schools Funded Projects map. Find more details on our comprehensive Master List of Colorado Safe Routes to School Grant-funded Projects

Grant Application

How to Prepare Your Safe Route to Schools Application

What You Can Do Today

We want to make sure you have all the information your organization needs to apply for funding. We are rooting for your success! If you are interested in pursuing this upcoming opportunity, here are five simple steps to take before applying:     

  1. Identify what type of grant your project might qualify for, infrastructure or non-infrastructure: On our website, you can find helpful documents featuring sample infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects as well as the FY 2018 top-scoring infrastructure application and the FY 2018 top-scoring non-infrastructure application for your reference.
  2. Coming Soon: You will need to sign up for an account at (currently unavailable). Once set up, you will be able to access our online application. 
  3. Read through our FY21 Grant Application Guide. Although this guide is from our last grant cycle, and therefore timelines will not apply, it provides a thorough run-down of both infrastructure and non-infrastructure applications so can anticipate what to expect and ready the tools to be successful. Our Colorado Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee will be meeting within the next few months to finalize the upcoming application, including requirements, dates, and other aspects associated with this opportunity. Current materials are subject to change and should not be considered finalized.
  4. Contact us! Our Managing Consultant Melissa Trecoske Houghton will be offering 20-minute 1-1 consultations beginning in March, during which she can answer questions and talk to you about your project. Further, we are pleased to share that if you need Spanish interpretation for this consultation, we have the capacity to arrange this. Please email Melissa at [email protected] to schedule.
  5. Keep on the lookout. We’ll be updating this page as more information and action steps become available.

FY 21 Grant Application Guide

Looking for a form?

Are you a current grantee, looking for a form? Please visit a resource below:

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