Discretionary Aviation Grant Program


Since legislation in 1991 channeled aviation fuel taxes to "aviation purposes", the CDOT - Division of Aeronautics has reimbursed 65% of those taxes back into the airports - of - origin in the form of regular entitlement funds. At the same time, the Colorado Aeronautical Board began conducting the Colorado Discretionary Grant Program, utilizing the remaining 35% of tax revenues to serve the maintenance, capital equipment, and developmental needs of Colorado’s 74 public-use airports.

In June of 2003, new legislation was signed into law by Governor Bill Owens. Senate Bill 49 continuously appropriates fuel tax dollars into the Colorado Aviation Fund. This legislation gives the Colorado Aeronautical Board increased flexibility when dispursing discretionary grant dollars into the Colorado Airport System.

The Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant Program (CDAG) is now managed using a web-based information management system (WIMS). If you are an airport manager or sponsor who is registered for WIMS, please click on the WIMS logo to access the portal. If you would like more information on how to become registered on WIMS, or how to apply for a grant, please call 303-512-5250.


Historical Grant Reports

Aviation Education Grants

Aviation Education Grands have been Suspended as of the 2015 Grant Cycle

Download: Aviation Education Information & Guidelines

All education grant requests compete for a limited allocation of aviation funds. All grant application submissions must be completed in our "WIMS" system. If you do not have an account then please contact our office at 303-512-5250 and you will be set up with a discrete account.

The staff will initially evaluate your request using the attached criteria. We will discuss your request with you and tell you if we will recommend it to the Aeronautical Board for approval. The staff does not make the decision so even if your request is not recommended for approval, the Board will review it and you will have the opportunity to go before the Colorado Aeronautical Board.

If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Aeronautics.