RAMP Update

RAMP Update

The deadline for detailed RAMP applications submittals passed on July 2, 2013 with CDOT receiving a total of 166 applications requesting more than $1.54 billion, over 2 times the total funding available. For the transportation partnerships program (public-private and public-public), CDOT received 127 applications totaling more than $1.36 billion in requests. For the Operational Improvements portion of the asset management program area, 39 applications were received requesting over $180 million.

View the list of the detailed RAMP applications CDOT received as well as the RAMP summary.

    RAMP Evaluation Process

    CDOT has begun an extensive evaluation process that includes the CDOT Regions as well as subject matter experts.  During the review process, evaluators will assess the applications based on project value, operations/mobility, safety, costs, community support and funding, priority in State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and other elements.  Many local entities with multiple submissions chose to rank their project submittals which will also be taken into consideration. The Transportation Commission will discuss and approve the final program of projects in September/October 2013.

    Color of Money Analysis

    Following the initial evaluation of the detail applications, CDOT will also be assessing projects based on the streams of funding available (federal, HUTF, etc.).  This process will be a significant element in determining the final list of eligible projects as there may be instances where the available and eligible fund pool may constrain the selection of preferred projects.  In other words, the “best” projects may not always be the most fundable.