Program Areas and Project Selection Process

RAMP Program Areas and Funding Allocation

  • Asset Management and Operational Improvements ($175 Million) - dedicated to slowing the deterioration and improving the safety of state’s highways, bridges and tunnels.
  • Transportation Partnerships ($125 Million) - dedicated to leveraging state transportation dollars by creating Public Private Partnerships (P3s) with industry and Public Public Partnerships with local government to provide improvements on corridors where partnership opportunities exist. This fund will provide an opportunity for local governments and CDOT to potentially move forward with projects that CDOT would not be able to fund alone.

The RAMP Program funding allocations above are for FY14 only; the Transportation Commission will revisit the program funding distribution annually.

Eligibility Criteria for Both Programs (click here for more information)

  • Project can be constructed/implemented with 5 years (December 2017)
  • Project is consistent with the Long Range Statewide Transportation Plan and CDOT Policies
  • On-System improvement projects only or integrated with state highway system
  • Must be able to provide sufficient information on the additional eligibility and evaluation criteria

Project Selection Process

In the Asset Management and Operational Improvements Program, most categories of projects will be selected by utilizing existing asset management plans or models.  Projects falling into the Operational Improvements category and Transportation Partnership Program are required to go through a project application selection process.

Transportation Planning Regions will be asked to identify possible operational and partnership projects in consultations with CDOT Regions in March and April.  Pre-applications for these projects are expected to be due in May with detailed applications are due in early summer 2013 (specific dates to be determined). The pre-application form will be available by March 1, 2013.  Each application will go through a technical review and ranking by a panel of CDOT Senior Management. The resulting recommended Program of Projects will be presented to STAC with ultimate approval by the Transportation Commission by mid-summer.