CDOT Urges Motorists to Avoid or Limit Travel on I-25 From Castle Rock to Monument

One of CDOT's key concerns Monday, January 22 is limiting as much traffic as possible on I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock.
We have been able to keep the interstate open and the travel lanes are plowed with some snowpack and icy surfaces. The hazard is high winds, blowing snow and drifting snow, which will likely last through the day even after the snow moves out. This makes for dangerous driving conditions.
It's best that motorists avoid this stretch and other blizzard impact areas (Eastern Plains) completely today. If they must be out, they should limit travel to only what is absolutely necessary and be prepared for possible closures. Their vehicles should be in good winter driving condition with proper tires and they should have emergency winter items such as food, water and blankets.  When they are out, it is absolutely critical that they slow down, stay a safe distance behind CDOT plows and not pass them.  

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