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How We Buy - Goods and Services 

Bridge and Highway Construction bids are exclusively available on the Bid Express website.

Purchases of goods and services are required to comply to the Procurement Code in the Colorado Revised Statutes and Procurement Rules.  Certain professional services are excluded from the Procurement Code.  CDOT strongly encourages the utilization of small businesses, including businesses owned by minorities, women and veterans but generally does not consider DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) and ESB (Emerging Small Business) certifications in the procurement process.  These type of certifications are recognized in Bridge and Highway Construction.  Contact the Civil Rights Office for more information on these certifications.  The Procurement Code sets a goal for Colorado-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) who are certified through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.     

Below you will find detailed information on how we purchase goods and services.

Cooperative Purchasing

When goods or services are needed, regardless of dollar amount, CDOT first considers State Price Agreements (managed by the State Purchasing & Contracts Office) and other Cooperative Agreements (CDOT Price AgreementsMAPO Cooperative Agreements).  Suppliers may contact the managers of Agreements to understand contract terms and future bid opportunities. 

Small Dollar Purchases

The decision or choice of supplier for discretionary purchases (goods under $10,000 and services under $25,000) is primarily through CDOT employees who are the end user of goods, materials, and equipment, and/or the program managers responsible for the goods or services being purchased.  It can be challenging to find who these individuals are within CDOT, and a variety of marketing and networking approaches may be needed in order to make your business known to the right buyers.  Consider attending the Day at the DOT to meet potential customers.    

Larger Dollar Purchases & Competitive Bids

When no Price or Cooperative Agreements are available, and when the anticipated cost is over $10,000 for goods or $25,000 for services, CDOT publishes Competitive bids.  All goods and services bids are published on the Supplier Self-Service (SuSS) Portal.  View open bid opportunities.  SuSS Portal registration not required to view this list but registration is required to respond to bid opportunities.  

Suppliers interested in submitting bid responses must initiate registration immediately to ensure a responsive bid and should validate registration no later than 48 hours prior to bid closing. 

All suppliers are required to submit bid responses on the SuSS (Supplier Self-Service) Portal.  Paper bids are not accepted.

INITIATE REGISTRATION - on the SuSS Portal - for new suppliers wanting to respond to goods and services solicitations.  

VIEW & RESPOND to Open Bids - for registered suppliers on the SuSS Portal.

Steps to Complete Prior to Submitting a Bid Response  

1. Register in the SuSS Portal

2. Setup the supplier account

3. Validate pre-qualification status -  (this can be confirmed in the pre-qualification tab on the main supplier log in screen.  If there is NO current pre-qual date, a pre-qual RFx response will need to be submitted.

SuSS Portal Registration Assistance

Written Help / Guidance

Call The SuSS Portal Help Desk by calling 303-757-9848

Email the SuSS Portal Help Desk [email protected]

Bid Types 

Type Basis for Award
DQ - Documented Quote   Lowest Bid
IFB - Information for Bid  Lowest Bid
2 Step IFB - 2 Step Information for Bid   Qualifications then Lowest Bid
RFP - Request for Proposal  Best Solution 

Information on Awarded Bids.  

Further Help for Suppliers

Connect2DOT is a partnership with CDOT and the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) network and assists businesses with consulting, training, technical support, outreach and events.  View Connect2DOT's event calendar and subscribe to the newsletter.