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Public Sector Change Practitioners (CoP)

The Public Sector Change Practitioners (PSCP)

The Public Sector Change Practitioners (PSCP) is an agnostic community of practice designed for those working in government who want to learn more about the people side of change.  The PSCP provides bi-monthly sessions to discuss best practices, pitfalls and everything in between. Every session hosts one to two presenters who give an in-depth overview of their individual change management journeys. Some months a panel of experts is assembled to answer community questions.  Audience members are encouraged to participate by asking questions both specific to the presentations or more broadly about change management. The PSCP consistently engages community members on a wide variety of topics and interests.  We are an inclusive, proactive and engaged community of change management public sector professionals.

To join the PSCP, send an email to [email protected]   to be added to the distribution list. For more information or specific questions, please visit our website or feel free to contact Michelle Malloy, Meagan Brown or Clair Anderson

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