Pay Estimates

What is a Pay Estimate?

The Estimate Generation process enables the Project Engineer or Finals Administrator to generate an estimate to determine the payment due to the contractor.  Project Engineers will generate progress estimates throughout the life of a project.  At the end of a project, the Finals Administrator generates a final estimate once the contract is ready for finalization.

There are two types of estimates:

  • Progress (First and all Intermediate)
  • Final

Project Engineers generate only Progress Estimates.  Finals Administrators generate Final Estimates.

CDOT Monthly Project Pay Estimates

CDOT identifies its construction projects by a 5-digit project code (sometimes called the subaccount number).  Contractor pay estimates are listed by this project code and a 2-digit estimate number.  If you don't know the project code, you can enter a project number or location in the search box below to locate the estimate you want to view.  The date shown on the site is the date the estimate was moved onto the site.  It is NOT the date that payment was made to the prime contractor. Please allow 14 calendar days from the date of the estimate before making inquiries regarding payments to contractors.

MTCE Projects

Contractors requesting status of invoice payments for project numbers with an “MTCE” prefix should be in direct contact with the Maintenance Superintendent, Resident, or Project Engineer.  Contact information for these individuals can be found within the contract documents (Plans and Specification sheets) on the Project Special Provision page which is titled “Notice to Bidders.”

Pay Estimate Search Instructions

Please enter your project number or location in the search box below to locate the estimate you wish to view.