Chief Engineer Memos

December 15, 2022. Surface Treatment Program Distribution for Regional Planning (FY 2027 & FY 2028)  This memorandum establishes the Regional Planning Budgets for delivery of CDOT’s Surface Treatment Program (SUR) for FY 2027 and FY 2028. It sets the Engineering Division practices in support of established pavement surface condition goals.  The methods for managing the statewide Surface Treatment design percentages and construction pools are also included..   

September 22, 2022. Providing Supplemental 3D Data to Contractors
Qualifying projects advertised after the date of this memo will be provided supplemental 3D data at Project Advertisement for information only and not part of the Contract to all bidders in accordance with revised CDOT Project Development Manual (PDM) Section 8.14. There are 3 additional documents within this memo.  To view these attachments, save this memo to your computer, open it, then open (if not opened already) the left panel by clicking the arrow on the left edge, then click on the paper clip icon.   

September 6, 2022. Direct to Project Construction Engineering Charging

To provide more project-by-project control, CDOT plans to move to a direct to project model for CE charges.

August 4, 2022. Fuel Cost Escalation

CDOT will offer contractors an opportunity to modify contracts via change order to include the fuel cost adjustment specification on projects bid between March 2021 and February 2022. 

November 1, 2021. Water Quality and Related Environmental Trainings
In an effort to improve awareness of CDOT's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) programs, requirements, and related water quality permits, several classes are available to all employees and the consultants who influence or impact water quality during CDOT work.

October 16, 2020. Revising Construction Specifications

The Standards and Specifications Unit and the Construction Area Engineers are charged with overseeing the development and implementation of construction specifications. Therefore, the following processes in this memo shall be followed.

May 20, 2020. Bentley SS2 Usage Sunset Date

The use of Bentley software version V8i SELECTseries 2 (SS2) will sunset on June 30, 2021. The use of Bentley version SS2 will discontinue at the end of FY ‘21 given the many technological advancements in OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition (ORD) combined with other factors. The detailed ORD migration schedule is in the memo.

April 24, 2020. Project Debudget and Closure Guidance

The purpose of this memorandum is to detail the revised closure process for construction projects, as well as establish timelines in order to comply with Federal and state standards of project closure within 1 year of substantial completion in compliance with Senate Bill (SB) 16-122.

March 25, 2020. Project Safety Plans in response to the Pandemic Situation

In accordance with Specification 107.06 (a), the Contractor shall prepare a project specific safety plan on all projects. With the development of the Coronavirus pandemic in the last few weeks, contractors shall include provisions for protocols in their safety plans. In the cases where safety plans have been previously prepared and accepted, those plans need to be updated to include the information in this memo.

March 17, 2020. Construction Issues due to the Coronavirus Situation

This CE memo includes important instructions concerning the Coronavirus situation and the Public's & CDOT's Staff Safety, and Contract Issues. Please read.

March 16, 2020. Temporary Extension of Testing Certifications - Owner Acceptance Testing

Given the issues and concerns related to COVIO 19, and the State's efforts to limit exposure and spread of the virus, many upcoming technician certification courses (ACI, WAQTC, SMM/LIMS, and LabCAT) have been, or will be postponed or cancelled. It is recognized that some of these cancellations may cause testing certifications to expire or lapse as a result. This memo provides guidance to address these potential situations.

March 6, 2020. Capturing Charges Related to Projects, Construction Engineering (CE) and Indirect Costs

Understanding how much we spend on preconstruction and construction engineering activities, and providing transparency to taxpayers as to how their money is being spent are critical elements of project management. Moving forward, COOT staff will endeavor to report the expenses we incur on project delivery in a consistent manner. This memorandum provides specific details for charging work time and other expenses direct to projects, construction engineering (CE) cost centers and indirect cost centers. Accurate time charges will result in establishing true project costs, CE costs and indirect costs.

February 6, 2020. Project First - Issue Documentation Matrix (IDM) Submission

According to the Project First specification and construction bulletin, Project Engineers are required to submit their initial and Workshop updated IDMs into a Google drive. The purpose of the submission of the documents is to assist Area Engineers in monitoring the status of issues on projects and to monitor how the Project First program is progressing.

December 18, 2019. EPA Audit finding - Compliance with Specification 208.09

Re-issuance of the Chief Engineer's memo: EPA Audit Finding - Compliance with Specification 208.09 - Failure to perform erosion control, dated March 28, 2016. This reissued memo is to announce the stormwater management process changes initiated by the findings of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) audit and follow-up inspection.  Construction Bulletin 2016-2 Water Quality Control

December 1, 2019. Issuance of Statewide Six (6) Inch Striping Standard Plan

CDOT will be upgrading current four (4) inch longitudinal pavement markings to six (6) inch longitudinal markings on all CDOT highways.

September 10, 2019. Formal Adoption of AASHTO 2018 PDGHS (Green Book)

This memorandum formally adopts the AASHTO 2018, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 7th Edition (PGDHS or Green Book) that hereby supersedes the PGDHS, 6th Edition. While designers should immediately begin using the 2018 Green Book on all CDOT highway projects, a one year transition period will be provided. All CDOT highway projects advertised after October 1, 2020 shall be designed per the 2018 Green Book.

Dec. 10, 2018. Implementation of Project First - Phase 2

Phase 2 incorporates the new Project First specification, a requirement of Project First on most projects, and utilization of developed tools on the updated "Project First on Construction Projects" website.

Dec. 12, 2017. Work Zone Safety Guidelines for Engineering and Maintenance
This memorandum hereby replaces the Work Zone Safety Guidelines Chief Engineer memo dated July 10, 2012.

Sept. 13, 2017. Traffic Control Industry Adherence to Regulations regarding Employee Pay
This memo is intended to provide clarification regarding what CDOT deems to be acceptable applications of the regulations related to employees pay that apply to projects with Federal funding to ensure consistent understanding and practice.

Sept. 11, 2017. Guidance on archiving Construction/Engineering records in ProjectWise
This memorandum provides guidance on archiving construction/engineering and specialty group documents in ProjectWise. Many of our Project Engineers are consultants and will need access to ProjectWise to comply with this memo. These additional documents explain how consultants can access ProjectWise and how to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN to access the CDOT network from outside the CDOT intranet. For more information on ProjectWise, please see CDOT's CADD and ProjectWise website.

April 3, 2017. CDOT Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Construction Program Manual
This chief engineer memorandum directs the execution of CDOT's MS4 Construction Program Manual and associated implementation plan.

Nov. 10, 2016.  Revision to Guidance Recommendation: Formal Adoption of AASHTO 2011 Green Book on CDOT Projects
The purpose of this memorandum is to formally adopt the AASHTO 2011, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 6th Edition (Green Book) as guidance for use on all CDOT highway projects. 

Sept. 12, 2016. ADA Title II Program Update
This memo is intended to provide employees with information regarding CDOT's commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Program, provide a status update on ADA curb ramps on CDOT roadways, and provide direction on next steps related to furthering mobility and accessibility for all users of the transportation system. 

March 28, 2016. EPA Audit Finding - Compliance with Specification 208.09 - Failure to perform erosion control
Stormwater management process changes initiated by the findings of the March 2015 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Audit.  Construction Bulletin 2016-2 Water Quality Control

Feb. 23, 2016. Guidance for Charging Time to Eligible Federal Aid Projects and Indirects
This memo provides guidance on charging time to federal aid projects and indirect pools. It includes five attachments listed below.

Archived Chief Engineer Memos