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Project Cost Worksheets (PCW) Templates

NOTE TO CONSULTANTS: Please make certain that the multiplier is brought out to four (4) decimal places, NOT two (2), where applicable. Please note that the FCCM should only be calculated below the labor calculations for both CPFF and SROP. Templates are provided for your guidance.
Cost Plus Fix Fee (CPFF) - For Consultants with a Fee Schedule

To be used by Consultants who have an approved Fee Schedule on their MPA. Fee Schedule rates are approved as fully loaded rates, which means wage rate, indirect cost rate and profit are all built into that approved rate. Thus, for fee schedule consultants the fee must be backed out so that when you invoice CDOT you add the fee back into the invoice to come up with your Approved billing rate. For example if your approved rate is $100 that is the maxium you can receive per hour for that employee. For the CPFF you must back out the fee (lets say 10%) thus your billing rate would be $90.91. When you invoice CDOT (lets say for 1 hour) you list your billing rate $90.91 then you add the fee of 9.09 to give you reimbursement of $100 which is your fee schedule rate.

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