DBE Program Overview

About the Program

The federal DBE Program seeks to create a level playing field on which Disadvantaged Business Enterprises can compete fairly for USDOT-assisted contracts. CDOT administers this program on behalf of FHWA and FTA as a provision of receiving federal funds, and must adhere to regulatory requirements in order to remain eligible for continued federal funding.


Because DBE is a federal program, statewide goals are set according to the federal fiscal year. CDOT sets an overall 3-year goal according to the USDOT methodology, and then reports progress to FHWA every 6 months.

  • FFY19-21 Goal: 11.55%
  • FFY22-24 Proposed Why is CDOT's Statewide FHWA DBE Goal so much lower than City and County of Denver's Metro Denver Area DBE goal?Goal: 11.89%
Yes. CDOT is required to execute the goal-setting methodology separately, once for FHWA-eligible contracts, and once for FTA-eligible contracts.
Generally speaking, there is more DBE availability in the Denver Metro area than there is statewide, as well as a greater diversity of project opportunities within close proximity versus having to travel to remote sites. As a result, CDOT's available statewide construction projects often have limited subcontracting opportunities and/or limited DBE availability due to the need for geographic equity in expenditures.

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  • Why Do Some Contracts Have a 0% DBE Goal?
  • How Can I Get More Involved in the DBE Program?