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Mandatory DBE Subcontracting Goals

CDOT sets subcontracting goals for mandatory DBE participation on contracts that include U.S. DOT assistance. Contract goals are set on an individual basis by the Region Civil Rights Office or Civil Rights & Business Resource Center, and take into account factors like subcontracting opportunities and the relative availability of DBE firms to do that work.

Prime contractors must make a commitment to using specific DBEs on their job, and then will be held to that commitment as part of contract compliance requirements. Should a prime contractor be unable to make a commitment sufficient to meet the contract goal, they may submit for a good faith effort waiver which will be reviewed by CDOT's CRBRC.

The contract goal can be found in the Project Special Provision DBE Worksheet. While CDOT has a statewide annual goal of 11.55%, contract goals may vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

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