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Getting Started with LCPTracker

LCPTracker is CDOT's system for monitoring compliance with prevailing wage requirements and on the job training hours. All construction contractors (primes and subs) must log in to LCPTracker weekly to submit and certify payrolls. 

LCPTracker Roles & Responsibilities

Different project roles will utilize LCP differently; see the table below for your responsibilities.

Construction Subcontractors Enter and certify data for employees
Construction Prime Contractors Enter and certify data for employees, review and approve subcontractor data
Professional Services Consultants N/A - LCPTracker is not required on Consultant Contractrs
CDOT/Consultant Project Engineers Review and approve weekly project payrolls
Local Agency Project Engineers Review and approve weekly project payrolls
CDOT Region Civil Rights Offices Region QA/QC of data
CDOT HQ Civil Rights Office Statewide reporting of data

Getting Help With LCPTracker

For system-related support, please login to LCPTracker and click either Training Materials or Support at the top of the page.

For help with LCPTracker, please contact:

Vanessa Urbina, Payroll Compliance Specialist

(303) 512-4144

[email protected]