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Prompt Payment to Subcontractors

49 CFR Part 26 requires prime contractors to pay subcontractors for satisfactory performance of their contracts no later than 30 days from receipt of each payment CDOT makes to the prime contractor. CDOT's Prompt payment process and requirements are outlined in the DBE Special Provision. All contractors must log into B2GNow on a monthly basis to report their payments received and made during the prior audit period.

Prime contractors are required to report sub payment within 7 days of receipt of payment from CDOT, and subcontractors must confirm payment within 15 days of receiving system notification. Failure to do so waives the contractor's right to CDOT involvement in the event of a dispute.

ANY AND ALL payment discrepancies should be reported through B2GNow. For help with the prompt payment discrepancy reporting process, please contact your Region Civil Rights Office.

Prompt Payment Flow Chart

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