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Project Name and Description

Low Bidder/Award Winner Bid Tabulation
August 15 STM C040-043 (21258) ~ This project is in Region 2 in El Paso county and the work will consist of replacing 5 existing signals along US 24 and SH 16 corridors. The work will also include, but not limited to, upgrading existing ADA curb ramps as designated and minor concrete sidewalk, curb, and gutter work. The project will also include installation of advance flashing beacons for three intersections. *Rejected  N/A
August 8 MTCE R500-200 (22308) ~ This project is located in Region 5 in La Plata county.  This project will consist of pavement markings and traffic control. Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc.  Bid Tab
August 1 MTCE R400-369 (22906) ~ This project consists of removing existing pavement markings, installing MODIFIED Epoxy Pavement Markings, and installing High Contrast Preformed Plastic Markings at the locations indicated within the project plans. This project is in Region 4 in multiple counties.   Innovative Marking Systems, Inc.  Bid Tab
MTCE 0761-234 (22501R) ~ This project is located in Region 4 on I76 in Morgan County. Project limits are MP 69.0 to MP 77.0 with work in the eastbound lane only; repairs are concentrated between MP 74.0 and MP 76.3. The work consists of removing and replacing concrete panels which includes Removal of Concrete Pavement, Concrete Pavement (9 inch) Fast Track, Furnish Concrete Pavement (panel thickness > 9 inch), Striping and Traffic Control. ABCO Contracting Bid Tab
July 25 FSA 0361-125 (22843) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Boulder and Larmier county.  US 36  between Estes Park and Boulder includes sinusoidal center line rumble strip installation temporary high build pavement markings, and modified epoxy pavement hot asphalt patching.


Surface Preparation Tech.  LLC Bid Tab
July 18

FSA 076A-010 (22704) ~ On I-76 from MM 47.19 to MM 123.80, work consists of furnishing and installing CCTV cameras, variable message signs, road weather information systems, and associated communication equipment in Logan, Morgan, Washington, and Weld Counties.

Interface Communications Co.  Bid Tab
July 11

STA R400-353 (21216) ~ Along US 287C and US 287Z, work consists of traffic signal pole replacements and furnishing and installing poles, conduit, heads, cameras, signing, striping, curb and gutter, and pavement patching at the intersections of 5th, 6th, and 7th in Loveland in Weld County.

WL Contractors, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP R500-207 (22809) ~ In Region 5 at various locations, work consists of installation of new lighting at seven chain stations with one location including a solar collection system to power the lights in Chaffee, Conejos, Costilla, Dolores, Saguache, and San Juan Counties.

Morton Electric, Inc. Bid Tab

MTCE 001A-004 (23118) ~ On SH 1A in the Town of Wellington, work consists of removal of asphalt and replacing with HMA to include traffic control in Larimer County

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 0703-435 (21223R) ~ Project is located in Region 1 in Summit and Clear Creek counties.  The project includes removal and replacement of existing electrical equipment, conduit, wiring, and associated electrical work.

*Award by Review Pending

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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