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Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission


Assume and complete the mission of the Southwest Chief Rail Line Economic Development, Rural Tourism, and Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance Commission, as it existed prior to July 1, 2017, by continuing to coordinate and oversee efforts by state and local governments; and cooperate with Kansas and New Mexico, Amtrak, and the BNSF Railway to ensure that the track repairs and upgrades required for the continuation of existing Southwest Chief Rail service in Colorado are completed; that such service is extended to Pueblo; and that the benefits of extending such service to Walsenburg are fully explored.

In addition:

  • to facilitate the future of Front Range passenger rail; and
  • in doing so, to specifically develop draft legislation to facilitate the development of a Front Range passenger rail system that provides passenger rail service in and along the Interstate 25 corridor that is a well-integrated component of a modern, efficient, and cost-effective multimodal transportation system.

Voting Members

Name Role
Sara Cassidy Class 1 Railroad Representative
Jill Gaebler Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
Terry Hart Pueblo Area Council of Governments 
Becky Karasko North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization
Rick Klein Resident of Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, or Pueblo Counties
Sal Pace Passenger Rail Advocate 
Pete Rickershauser Class 1 Railroad Representative
Phil Rico South Central Council of Governments
Jacob Riger Denver Regional Council of Governments
Jim Souby Passenger Rail Advocate 
Bill Van Meter Regional Transportation District
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Non-voting Members

Name Role
David Krutsinger Colorado Department of Transportation (DTR/Director)
Ray Lang Sr. Amtrak
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The Southwest Chief Commission is no longer active. The last meeting was held on April 6, 2017.

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  • * Monitors 278 of 522 avalanche paths
  • * Administers about $11 million in federal grants for transit operators and $41 million in federal aviation grants for airports
  • * Manages over $5 million in federal grants for safe driving programs
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